Open Racing as well as Graded Racing

We compete regularly on the Open race scene with success and are more than happy to travel to tracks that suit the right dog.
We provide a full compliment of graded runners to Monmore Green and race at the Wolverhampton venue every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Bitches in Season

These girls are kept in kennels separate from the main block,and also have there own separate paddocks ,so theres no chance of any accidents . They receive the best of food,with a constant eye kept on their weight

Puppy Rearing

Whether you have just one pup ,or an entire litter these fellas are kept in spacious secure paddocks with good shelter and access to clean water . They have freedom to roam 24hrs a day and are galloped regularly .
They are fed the best beef along with tripe, chicken and vegetables as well as nuts . All pups are wormed regularly with Drontal, Panacur and Dectomax. Time spent with pups is of most importance, and plenty of time is spent with them either on the gallops, feeding or just playing with them.

Vacation Dogs

Single or double occupancy kennels to suit your needs ,you can rest assured that your pet will receive the very best of care from professional experienced staff. All dogs must have up to date vaccinations .
Food is tailored to suit individual needs or you can bring in your own food or treats if you prefer.
Regular walks and play time all help to ensure that your dog enjoys his or her stay. A nail trimming and teeth cleaning can be done whilst here if wanted.

Bitches Whelped Down

Expecting mums must be in the kennel at least a month before their due date. This gives them time to settle into their new environment . These are treble size kennels with a quiet location ,spotless and sterile.
They are constantly monitored with regular checks on weight. 24hr assistance during whelping ,if only to watch and make sure things are done right or to step in and help if needed. Worming of mum and pups and weaning ,innoculating and earmarking all catered for.

Injured Dogs

We have visits every three weeks from Tom Peppercorn who scans the dogs with a medical grade scanner ,which picks up a lot of small niggles these can be treated with ultrasound and prevents them from becoming a real problem .We also use the following vets Richard Torr, Don Lesolle as well as Andre Pretorius.
By adhering to proper treatment programmes and enough time resting we feel we have a recovery rate second to none

Retired Dogs Waiting to be Rehomed

These lads and lasses can be looked after by us until a suitable home can be found or they can join one of the rehoming schemes . In the meantime they will be cared for with the respect they deserve . Neutering can be carried out by one of our vets if required.