STUART BUCKLAND Aged 45 - Trainer

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Stuart has been a trainer at Watford Gap Kennels since taking over from his father Maurice in 1989. He trainer at Monmore Green in Wolverhampton for 12 years and has just completed his 12th year at Hall Green.
At both tracks he was top trainer for a number of years and has had lots of success notably with Ballymac Dennis winning the Oxford Gold Cup as well as winning the 1000 Guineas at Perry Barr on no less than three occasions

KATE HARRISON Aged 32 - Head Kennelhand

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Kate has been working at the kennels for 13 years and just loves greyhounds full stop, she has a retied racer at home in Great Barr, Birmingham and her favourite racer at the kennels is Supreme Johnson.
In her spare time Kate enjoys playing netball

COURTNEY HARVEY Aged 18 - Kennel Lass

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Courtney has been working at the kennels for the past two years, she too lives in Great Barr, Birmingham and enjoys playing netball in her spare time.
She is currently studying to be a vet and her favourite racer at the kennel is Supreme Cobra

JOOLES SLATER Aged 22 - Kennel Lass

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Jooles has worked at the kennels for two years, she is fascinated with all things South Africa and visits the country regularly, she previously worked for Mark Barlow and lives in Tibberdale.
Her favourite racer in the kennel is Mays Hurry On Girl

BECKY THOMPSON Aged 26 - Kennel Lass

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Becky has worked at the kennels for the best part of 6 years, she has recently moved to Stoke and her favourite racer is Supreme Jive.
She likes baking very much and can't wait for the new series of Great British Bake Off to start

ALICE CLAYTON Aged 20 - Kennel Lass

Alice lives in Tamworth, she previously worked in boarding kennels and is interested in the military

SAMANTHA MORTIBOYS Aged 18 - Kennel Lass

Samantha lives in Sutton Coldfield, she loves visiting Wales and her favourite dog is Inky Boom